10 quotes of Kareena Kapoor Khan that proves she is totally ready to embrace motherhood

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s these quotes prove that the actress is ready to embrace motherhood with wide arms! Check them out.

If you’ve seen a lot of Bebo lately, it’s all because she doesn’t want pregnancy to bar her from doing her job as an actor. But again, that doesn’t mean she is being a bad mother to her unborn or something. In a way, Kareena Kapoor Khan is setting trends and breaking the myth that pregnant women need to follow a certain kind of lifestyle, avoid making public appearances and yes, definitely stay away from the limelight. A lot of Bollywood actresses have been following the stereotypical norm of keeping away from the eyes of the media. But not Bebo. She ain’t the kind who will sit at home and follow the others. You see, Kareena likes to set trends and with this, she definitely has! However, with every appearance and interactions she has had with the media, it has only made us believe that she’d be a fabulous mother.

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor

We’ve noticed that when she speaks about her baby, there’s a glow that surpasses her usual pregnancy charm. Kareena has embraced motherhood like no other actress in the industry! Her words alone are proof that her first baby is going to be one lucky champ. First off, the baby’s gonna have genes of two immensely hot people. Second, it’s the heir to the royal family (the Pataudis). Third, do you need a third reason? It’s quite obvious that the hottie Bebo is very well versed with parenthood, as much as Saif himself(considering this is his third child). We’ve compiled a list of quotes that prove that Mrs Khan is totally ready to step into this new phase in her life. Yes, she does assure us that she’ll be kickstarting work after a month of delivery. However, we’re just super thrilled to see her as a mommy! Check out the quotes below.

Her brutally honest take on motherhood –
I am very excited. I am not nervous at all (smiles). This is something that every woman looks forward to in her life. It will be a life-altering experience for my family and friends.”

The kid’s not gonna be honed by bodyguards! –
We don’t have bodyguards and we don’t believe in having them either” the Veere Di Wedding actress further added. She hopes that their family will continue the tradition. “I am not going to hire 10 bodyguards just because my child will belong to a star family”

Embracing pregnancy with arms wide open –
“Wanting to become a mother was a natural course for me. I don’t know why there’s such a hue and cry about my pregnancy in the industry. It is the most natural phenomenon for all women.”

On her baby’s fashion picks –
I think he (Manish Malhotra) should just stick to designing clothes for me for now,” she said laughing it off. Quiz her about having a designer wardrobe for her baby and she quips, “I haven’t even thought of that. I would prefer a designer wardrobe for me first before anyone.”

When she addressed the normalcy of pregnancy –
The most important thing is that pregnancy should not be looked upon as some sort of disease of any kind. It’s the most beautiful phenomenon that can happen to a woman… I would continue to do as normal things as everybody else because that’s what it is.”

And she convinced us about the same –
It’s most natural phenomenon and there is nothing wrong with it. In fact it’s a joy,”

But she can’t express how she feels about it –
This is such an internalised emotion that I can’t put it in words. I can’t express how I am feeling right now. Or what I’m going to feel. I think these are things that I have to experience myself before I talk about them. But, of course, the journey has been great.”

At Lakme Fashion Week’s ramp, baby bump’s debut walk! –
For me, it is quite an emotional moment as this was the first time we (she and her future child) took the ramp together. It was a moment to cherish,”

Oh she hopes her baby doesn’t get this quality from daddy Saif –
He can be like Kumbhkaran. He can just sleep for 18 hours a day and not wake up,” Kareena revealed about Saif’s “disturbing” habit. About herself, she said that she worries about the minutest things. Bebo said that she wants a “chilled out” baby, like hubby Saif.

But she also hopes her baby doesn’t get this from herself! –
I don’t have any bad quality ya. But I think I’m a worrier. I hope my kid doesn’t get this quality.

Stay tuned to this space for we got a lot of stuff planned for our Bebo! Don’t go anywhere for we’ll get you hot scoop and spicy gossips, right here!

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