10 STARTLING revelations made by Kangana Ranaut on Koffee With Karan 5

Karan Johar,Kangana Ranaut

Karan Johar,Kangana Ranaut

t so happened that Karan Johar decided to call the Queen of Bollywood Kangana Ranaut on his popular chat show Koffee With Karan 5 and well, she OWNED the show. Kangy is known for making bold statements and Karan’s show is known to stir up a controversy everytime its aired. So when the sassy Kangana appeared on Karan’s show, fireworks were bound to happen! Kangana was at her sassiest best on the show and well, without any further ado, let me take you through some interesting revelations she made on Koffee with Karan 5.

The Aditya Chopra comment 

“A year ago, I remember Aditya Chopra called me to his studio, we sat across the table and he told me ’10 years ago when you came to my office with Rikku Rakesh Nath, iss ladki ka kuch nhi hone wala. Today I am so glad to tell you that I was so wrong. You have made it and you have made it on your own. I am very happy about it.”

About Karan mocking her..

KJo went on to say that initially he was also of the same opinion as Aditya Chopra. When Karan said, “I also never thought anything would happen. She was lovely in Gangster and then there were certain choices that happened which is sometimes destiny and sometimes circumstance related.” Kanga retorted back saying, “Of course you made fun of my English on this couch and you made fun of everything.”

About having friends in the industry  

“Not really. Initially I did and it got complicated. Friendships at work have only harmed me and my work.”

Her take on creative conflicts (with reference to filmmakers)

“Creative conflicts are a part of the craft and I don’t have a problem with that at all. It’s not about doing something that they want you to do and pleasing people. I think directors like me for contradicting them and for those who don’t, well, I don’t like them either.”

On Fawad Khan

When Karan made a revelation on the show that it was Saif who was offered Fawad Khan’s role in Kapoor & sons, Kangana was shocked. She said, “I would have loved to see you (Saif) do the role. I love Fawad. He was really good.”

On Dangal’s success

While taking Koffee shots, Karan happened to ask both Saif and Kangy if they had been jealous of any other actor’s succes. So Kangana openly confessed how she was jealous when she got to know of Aamir Khan’s Dangal making a whooping 700 crore (approx) at the box office.

On her biopic 

“In my biopic, if it ever gets made, you will play that typical Bollywood biggie who is snooty and completely intolerant to outsiders, flag-bearer of nepotism, movie mafia…”

Shah Rukh, Salman, Aamir – who is on Kangana’s wishlist?

“Not Shah Rukh, not Salman, not Aamir.”

About Shahid

“Shahid is extremely moody. There are days he would be in a very good mood get breakfast from home for the entire cast and crew and then there are days when he’s in an equally bad mood. He will look at you as if you’re a suicide bomber.”

On working with Alia Bhatt

“I would like to work with Alia bhatt next.”

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