Ahem! Priyanka Chopra OPENS UP on being in relationships with her co-stars and we can’t stop guessing!


We wonder how Priyanka Chopra always ends up giving out these cryptic interviews. For the longest time, Priyanka has been making statements about her mysterious love life where she had even said how her man gotta be a showman! And guess what? This time she almost happened to give away the name of the man in her life! Yes! Although not directly but in this rather interesting interview with a leading glossy, Priyanka clarified that firstly she doesn’t believe in the concept of ‘dating’ and secondly, she has always got into a relationship with people who she meets on the sets of her films. Yea, she said that! Can you believe it?

Elaborating on the same, Priyanka opened up, “I made a statement the other day which got misconstrued. I said I have never dated, only been in relationships. First of all, dating as a concept does not exist in India. I have ended up getting into relationships with the people I meet and I usually meet people on movie sets. I don’t know if guys are intimidated. I don’t know what it is but nothing has happened. I made friends but romantically my relationships have always been with people who I meet at work.”

Must say, quite an honest confession made by Priyanka there but then who do you think are the ‘people’ she is referring to? While Priyanka refused to name anyone specifically. She did talk about the qualities she wants to have in her ideal man as she added, “I just want a guy who makes me laugh, someone who is smart and intelligent and has an evolved sense of humour and thinking. Someone I respect and look up to. And that has not changed since my teenage years.” Well, that’s giving us way too many hints to guess who could be the man in her life or say is soon going to be..

Nevertheless having said that, one also cannot forget the fact how despite not naming who’s her ‘showman’, Priyanka did go on records admitting that she has a partner for she had once said, “Who says I don’t have a partner? I might not be with him because I am travelling. All my life I have never commented on the fact whether I am in a relationship or not.”

On that note, we leave it on you to decide who’s the love of her life now! Any guesses guys? Bring it on in the comments below and we’ll be back with more updates on this hot story.

Source : http://www.bollywoodlife.com/news-gossip/priyanka-chopra-opens-up-on-being-in-relationships-with-her-co-stars-and-we-cant-stop-guessing/

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