An Actor And A Stunt-Man Are Reportedly Dead Due To A Movie Stunt Gone Wrong


As per a report on, a Kannada actor Uday and a stunt-man Anil have reportedly drowned while filming a deadly stunt for the movie Masti Gudi at Tippagondanahalli lake near Bengaluru. Apparently, another actor, Vijay was also a part of this stunt, and all three of them jumped from a helicopter into the lake without a safety harness. While Vijay managed to swim back to land, Uday and Anil were unable to make it and their bodies haven’t been found despite hours of searching. The film’s unit has declared them dead.

Sources present during the movie’s shooting say that there was no rehearsal of this stunt and no safety measures were taken before shooting something so risky. The media present at the shoot allege that no safety harnesses were provided to the drowned artists. An FIR has been filed against the producers and stunt crew.

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