Asin Opens Up About Her First Meeting With Fiancé Rahul Sharma!


Asin is getting married to Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma! Everyone knows that, right? Now, the actress has officially spoken about her upcoming nupitals in an interview to Bombay Times. Here’s what she said when asked about her relationship with Rahul and AkshayKumar’s role in bringing them together:

“My story is eerily similar to the story of my film Ghajini. Just like my character Sanjana in the film faffs and makes up the story of being linked to Sanjay Singhania, that I met him first at the Mumbai airport, and that he said a hi and I said hi, and how he came and sat next to me and then said I love you. My story is eerily similar to that. Rahul and I first met at the private airport of Mumbai, as I was going to another country for work with Akshay Kumar for the promotions of Housefull 2. Now, I have just walked in and Akshay takes these early morning flights. So, there was Akshay, me and this person who was just a stranger not connected to the film. So I wished everybody good morning and then there is this guy standing next to Akshay, who he introduced me to as his friend Rahul. We exchanged ‘hi’s and went into the flight. All big stars have their friends accompanying them, so I assumed he was that friend. Eventually, as the day unfolded, I realised who he was. I realised that it was actually his flight, his tournament we were going for, he was sponsoring us and basically everything was happening because of him. I liked the quality. He was very simple and down-to-earth and that quality stuck with me. And then Akshay tells me the same day, ‘I think you two will be good for each other.’ I was like, ‘What? Where is this coming from?’ Akshay is a very good friend, one of my favourite co-stars and can joke with me, so I thought this one was also one of his random jokes. Akshay is family for us and somehow has a good sense of people, so he sensed that similarity between Rahul and me. Of course, I didn’t know what Rahul’s side (Rahul and Akshay are best friends) was as that may have also been the reason why Akshay was pursuing it.”


When prodded further about the wedding date, Asin said that she and Rahul have been together since four years and that they will get married by the end of this year. Congratulations, guys!

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