Baar Baar Dekho box office collection day 3: Katrina Kaif, Sidharth Malhotra’s film saw limited growth


A lot of expectations were made for this Katrina Kaif and Sidharth Malhotra film, but Baar Baar Dekho is just not an apt title it could have. Going by the box office figures, the much hype created after its promotions and songs turned out to be of little help. Yes! In two days the film has only been able to make a profit of Rs 14.46 cr.

Baar Baar Dekho opened at the box office with a collection of Rs 6.81 cr, which was pity decent than what was expected. On its day 2, the film managed a limited growth in its collections of 12.33% and made a total earning of Rs 14.46 cr.

Well, day 3, i.e. Sunday, is a crucial one for the film which will decide whether the film will be able to manage a decent weekend collection or fall t a considerable position in the list of films for their first weekend box office.

Indian Express critic Shubhra Gupta, in her review for Baar Baar Dekho, wrote: “Maths genius Jay Varma (Sidharth Malhotra) has the gift of time travel, that miraculous thing which he can use to make things right between him and lady love Diya Kapoor (Katrina Kaif). What can go wrong with that most intriguing premise, even if we’ve seen similar stuff in About Time and The Time Traveller’s Wife? Quite a lot, actually, as it turns out: Baar Baar Dekho doesn’t have anything that can entice us into repeat viewings, let alone a single one, because the execution is flat and banal”.

She also highlighted,”The problems are apparent right from the beginning when the characters start taking shape: they remain fuzzy, especially the character whose actions set everything in motion. Sure, a potential groom can start developing cold feet when the rituals of the big fat Punjabi wedding, fronted by a big fat Punjabi papa, threaten to overwhelm. But Jay is such a drip that you are never convinced about anything he does, whether it is a feeble declaration of loveor a stab at teaching moony-eyed female students.”

According to audience reaction, Baar Baar Dekho seems a one time watch only.


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