Con​spiracy​ Theory Alert! Not Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan​ killed​ the blackbuck in 1998?

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This is the craziest thing we heard today….

On monday , Salman Khan was acquitted in the chinkara case that was being heard in the Jodhpur High Court. The judge suggested that the evidence was circumstantial and so there was no reason to punish Salman. While some praised this decision, some even criticised it. Many also started questioning, if not Salman, then who killed the black buck?

We came across a very crazy report while doing some fact findings and we have to say that you will be shocked after hearing it. Yes, a conspiracy theory states that it was not Salman Khan, but Saif Ali Khan who had killed the black buck. The report further states that if Saif would have accepted his crime, he would have lost out on his Nawab title and all his royalties. Yes, the actor is a royal and if he commits a crime, then there would a huge issue. He and everyone on the sets was very scared of the outcome and so, Salman decided to take the blame on his own name and save Saif!

Isn’t this SHOCKING to hear? However, let us tell you that this is just a conspiracy theory that we came across and we cannot confirm any of this information. It’s just a theory doing the rounds.

Meanwhile, two other cases – one a black buck poaching case and one case of possessing illegal arms is still going against Salman Khan on in the trial courts. What do you have to say about this latest conspiracy theory surronding the black buck poaching case? Tell us in the comments section below!

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