Erm. Sonakshi Sinha Is Attempting This Guinness World Record!


Stars, they’re just likes us… except when they’re not. I personally  don’t know people who’d randomly go around attempting the Guinness world record of the most people painting fingernails simultaneously.  But I do know a celebrity who is doing this. According to a report in TOI, Sonakshi Sinha is joining a group of women for this unique challenge. Sonakshi is doing this on International Women’s Day.

She said:

“I love challenges and I am competitive in a good way, if I participate in something I like to be good at it and do well. I enjoy the process of attempting a task more than anything else. It’s such an achievement to set a record and be featured in the Guinness books. There are so many categories and fields where records are broken every year and it makes for a really interesting read, it’s something I always enjoyed reading about and now I’m part of one such attempt myself.”

That sounds like fun!



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