Fans feel the Sunil Grover fiasco has cost Kapil Sharma his image!

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover

Two days back, someone said that it seemed like an evil eye had fallen on Kapil Sharma. Well, with no signs of a reconciliation with Sunil Grover being visible and people commenting that the curtains will fall on The Kapil Sharma Show soon, it seems sad but true. The general opinion is that Kapil Sharma’s wholesome image has taken a huge dent after the alleged mid-air spat that ruined his relationship with Sunil Grover, Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asghar. The public has expressed its disappointment that the star comedian who charmed one and all with his talent, humility and common man connect has supposedly developed a very arrogant and high-handed attitude.

After Sunil Grover in his dignified yet scathing tweet told Kapil not to behave like God and remember what made him successful in the first place, people sided with him. We all know how Sunil supported Kapil on earlier occasions and this time everyone was on Dr Mashoor Gulati’s side. The comedian did not shoot for the last episode of The Kapil Sharma Show and it is understandable as we can imagine how hurt he might be. He is now taking some time off before he can make the decision.

For the uninitiated, last Saturday the story broke out that Kapil Sharma who was allegedly sloshed on an Air India flight back from Australia had a horrible argument with Sunil Grover. Some reports even said that he threw a shoe at him for eating before him! We know all this sounds extremely shocking, unbelievable and nonsensical at the same time but that is the way it is. It happened on the same morning when Kapil Sharma introduced his girlfriend Ginni Chatrath to the world. Many are now saying it was a move to divert attention from this reported sordid fight on the plane. Whatever it is…Kapil seems to have to work really hard to reclaim back lost fans and glory!

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