First Look: Kangana Ranaut Chops Off Her Hair!


Kangana Ranaut‘s luscious curls are heavenly! Every curly-haired girl knows that the longer your hair, the better it tends to look. But there are times when you get sick of it and want to just chop it all off. You might think that’s why Kangana cut it, but it turns out she’s taken the plunge for her new movie, Rangoon. And you’ve got to admit, it looks hella good.

Stylist Ami Patel dressed her in a gold Sabyasachi lehenga and I feel like her new haircut makes her look edgier than ever.


While she’s styled it in soft curls for the wedding, the movie will have her sporting a rather ’30s style do. Sure it might be a little hard to maintain, but it isn’t anything Queen Kangana can’t handle!

P.S. Do you ever feel all this when you’re about to cut your hair?

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