Flying off with the Tiger


Shooting for his upcoming superhero action directorial, ‘A Flying Jatt’, has left Remo D’Souza perennially petrified.The choreographer-turned-filmmaker recounts the time he shot for an underwater scene with his leading man, Tiger Shroff, and Nathan Jones (of ‘Mad Max:Fury Road’ fame) whoplays the antagonist.

The duo was surrounded by eight scuba divers, two cameramen and four assistants. Nobody could talk and Remo was using signs to communicate. “One shot of Tiger punching Nathan was taking two hours to film despite weeks of training because shooting underwater is extremely complicated,” Remo reminisces, adding that it was chaotic and he was concerned about how long his actors could go without breathing.

Another time, the unit was filming at a suburban mall when a car, which had been suspended from a high ceiling came crashing down, only a couple of feet away from where Tiger was standing. “There’s major action, on as well as off our sets. Something is always flying or falling,” he laughs. What about Nathan? “When a seven-foot, 250-pound villain stands in front of a hero, the first thought that crosses one’s mind is that it’s impossible for this David to defeat the Goliath. I had the same thought while watching ‘Mad Max’, hence my insistence on bringing Nathan on board,” Remo reveals with a laugh.

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