Former Husband-Wife Ali Merchant & Sara Khan Reunite!


In 2010, television stars Ali Merchant and Sara Khan got married on the popular reality show,Bigg Boss. But the two parted ways on a bitter note soon after that. While Ali got recently married to an investment banker Anam, Sara is dating businessman Rishabh Tandon. Clearly, they both have moved on and they even decided to bury the hatchet, a while ago. Sara toldTimes of India:

“I wanted bygones to be bygones. It has been six years since all that happened. Ali is happy and so am I. We have both moved on in our lives and we felt that there was no point looking the other way when we come face-to-face.”
Ali also shared:
“I don’t want to dwell on the past and talk about controversies or dig into details of what happened then. I am now busy with my career, happily married and it was sweet on Sara’s part to take the initiative. I appreciate her gesture and feel that it will be nice and cor dial between us now. It is a great feeling that after all that has happened, we are finally being able to start on a positive note.”

That’s good!


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