Harshvardhan Kapoor’s Mirzya gets a slow start at the box office



Mirzya‘s trailer made us extremely interested in the film. It looked like poetry in motion. Harshvardhan Kapoor, who debuted with the film, looked promising and Saiyami Kher’s unusual beauty floored us. Even the music was so catchy that everybody warmed up to it instantly. But today it opened with mixed reviews which was not something anybody was expecting. Naturally, it affected the film’s opening collection. According to Koimoi, it has opened really dull.

The website reported that it only got 15 percent occupancy in the morning shows. It is expected to make good money in North India where the tale of Mirza and Sahiban is pretty famous. It is also expected to earn on Saturday and Sunday especially in the multiplexes as the film caters to that bunch of audience.

If we go by Taran Adarsh trade analyst, the condition of the film at the theatres is as such

When we had spoken to our trade expert before the release, Amul Mohan (Editor, Super Cinema), he said, “I think it should do good. It should open between Rs 6 – 7 crore. The budget is high but there is a lot of curiosity every time a celebrity’s son makes a Bollywood debut. That’s the case with Mirzya. The anticipation is very high with this film. It should open between Rs 6-7 crore and Miryza is an exquisite film and I am not sure if thats the numbers the makers are looking for but I think it’s a decent opener for a newcomer’s movie.” But with just 15 percent opening, we don’t know if we can expect such numbers.

Even reviews have not been great. Our editor Tushar Joshi reviewed the film and wrote, “Mehra’s biggest flaw in the film is his technique and narrative. The concept of two worlds, two parallel timelines, two different characters just doesn’t work. There are moments when you are drawn into the fantasy Mirzya world and want to stay there a bit longer, but a song or a background score comes out of nowhere taking you back into the real world. Neither here nor there, the film ends up being a case of too much flavour can sometimes spoil a good dish. Also Mehra doesn’t give Harshavardhan or Saiyami any big scene or moment to play up. Instead there are fleeting moments that have some spark. I can’t think of one big stand out scene in such a long film. The songs are great, but were they required at such regular intervals? The awkwardness between switching from one world to another finally gets to you and there is very little damage control that a director can do in his last 20 minutes. Mirzya despite being a hardcore love story doesn’t draw touch any emotional chord, because the emphasis is so much on the format and technical aspects that the writing takes a major backseat.”

The other release of the day Tutak Tutak Tutiya has apparently managed only 5- 10 percent occupancy. We will be back with confirmed reports soon enough.

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