Here’s What Saif Ali Khan Has To Say About His Kids Sara & Ibrahim Wanting To Become Actors

Saif Ali Khan , Sara Ali Khan and ibrahim Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan , Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan is a doting father to this three kids – Sara, Ibrahim, and now, Taimur. While Sara is all set to make her big Bollywood debut in a Karan Johar film, his son Ibrahim too has been bitten by the acting bug and wants to pursue this is a career eventually. Saif told TOI about how there’s nothing wrong with this and it’s all in the genes.

On Sara becoming an actress:

Who’s to blame, it’s in her genes. I remember on the first world tour we were on together, I spotted her peeking through the curtains backstage to watch the actors dancing on stage, mesmerised. That’s when she decided this is what she wanted to do. Cinema has changed since and she’s also realised there’s a lot of angst in the profession, especially if you have not quite arrived yet. I worry about that, but what can I do? If she discusses her profession with me, she will get an opinion, but the decision is hers to make. Karan is good with newcomers and according to me, he is the perfect person for her.”

On Ibrahim making up his mind:

He talks more of rugby and hockey and less about how exciting his academic career is. He’s hidden his report card, I keep asking for it. But otherwise, he’s settled well. He’s poised and decent which is nice. Yes, both my kids want to work in films, it’s one of the best jobs in India. I just don’t want them to be disappointed which is why education is a good back-up.”

It’s so nice to see Bollywood parents stress on education.


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