Here’s Why Imtiaz Ali Chose Anushka Sharma Over Deepika Padukone For His Next With Shah Rukh Khan


Imtiaz Ali has reportedly cast Anushka Sharma opposite Shah Rukh Khan in his upcoming movie and according to a column by Rajeev Masand, Deepika Padukone was considered for this role too. Imtiaz decided to not repeat Deepika after working with her in Love Aaj Kal andTamasha because he felt that DP has done too many movies with Shah Rukh and their pair would be a little jaded. He cast Anushka due to the fact that she has done fewer movies with SRK and that their chemistry would be fresh. If this is the reason then it’s rather strange as Deepika has done just one more movie with SRK as compared to Anushka. He also mentioned that Anushka was offered Tamasha, but she let it go as she thought her role wasn’t meaty enough, so this was Imtiaz’s way of making it up to her.

What do you think, who looks better with SRK, Deepika or Anushka?




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