Here’s Why Kangana Ranaut Refuses To Be On Social Media!

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut

Celebrities often have contradicting opinions about joining social media. While some of them are quite active online, there are some who prefer to stay away, for reasons best known to them. Katrina Kaif recently gave in and joined Instagram. While we wait to see who’s next in line to join the bandwagon, we know for sure it’s not Kangana Ranaut. The actress has her reasons for staying away from the virtual world, as she told a leading daily:

I am not on the platform. I feel there are two sides to any coin. If they (celebrities) like to enjoy the pampering and the likes, it’s one thing. Then when it goes the other way and you think ‘people are not liking me anymore’ it’s a problem. I do miss seeing moments where I can post a picture and get likes from a million people, but at the same time, I know the repercussions. There are times when everybody will be annoyed with something. They have to understand the frivolous nature of the platform and not take it too seriously.”

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