Here’s why Rajinikanth is a superhuman first, superstar second



Everybody who has followed Rajinikanth’s career and life will know that he is not just a superstar but also a great human being. The star enjoys the kind of stardom that no other actor in this country has but it never shows in his behaviour. He is humble, down to earth and does not take his fans for granted. He respects everyone equally be it his costars or the spot boys. I had the opportunity to see him for real at the launch of 2.0’s first look and I was getting goosebumps looking at him. Karan Johar, Akshay Kumar and every other celebrity present over there looked at the Superstar with immense respect and treated him the same way.

To see him respond to all that respect with such calm and humility made me a bigger fan of his. The actor has every quality to make him a superhuman. His career and life is what makes him such a wonderful human being before a superstar. Rajinikanth went through a lot of hardships before he chose to become an actor. Being youngest of the four siblings, the actor went through some tough times after his mother passed away when he was just five years old. He has done all sorts of odd jobs before he started acting in Kannada plays until he was noticed by director K Balachander. He did a series of negative roles in the start and his debut film was Apoorva Raagangal starring Kamal Haasan and Srividya.

Here are few things that make the actor a superhuman first and a superstar second.

Humility and humbleness- This is one quality of Rajinikanth’s that makes him the better person that he is. It’s surprising that such a huge star is so down to earth and modest in his approach. There is a reason why people love him to the extent of calling him God.

He gives it back to the society – It is remember to not forget your roots and even after becoming so successful, the actor lives a simple and not-too-fancy lifestyle. In fact, there was buzz that his will has most of his money going to the underprivileged people of Tamil Nadu. The actor makes sure that he does his bit to the society by donating to the poor.

Treats everyone as his equal – No celebrity can match up to his stardom and the number of followers he has. But that doesn’t stop him from treating everyone with respect. The actor is a living example of ‘You earn respect and don’t demand it.’

Puts social media to the best use – Rajinikanth got more than a million followers within 24 hours of joining Twitter. He is not really that active on social media but he makes it a point to never misuse it. He tweets when he has a cause to promote or when he wants to react positively to any incidents. The actor has never been in a controversy for putting out a wrong or controversial tweet. Learn something from him, will you?

Gives the producers his money back if the movie doesn’t do well – When Baba and Kuselan didn’t do well at the box office, he returned his share of the money back to the producers. Now that’s definitely someone who doesn’t take his fans’ love for granted.

I love Thalaiva for the kind of person he is and what I admire the most is that he never takes advantage of his fans. He doesn’t misuse the Superstar tag that has been given to him and doesn’t let him get to him. What are your reasons for being a Thalaiva fan? Post them in the comments below and stay hooked with us for more.

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