‘I Remember After I Used To Finish Shoot I Would Just Cry Every Night’ – Kangana Ranaut


Kangana Ranaut opened up about her intense scenes in Katti Batti to Hindustan Times in a recent interview. The actress has said that even thought Katti Batti looks like a rom-com, it’s really not. The movie is based on new age relationships which starts as a love story but soon becomes a thriller! Yep, doesn’t look like that does it? Here’s what Kangana has to say:

“For an actor, playing such a character can be very overwhelming and if you are young, it can give some staggering impressions on your mind. I remember, after I used to finish shoot I would just cry every night and then my mother came over and I even cried with her, thinking about so many things. So, definitely this is the most intense character I’ve ever played in a film. Katti Batti unfolds in a thriller format. Yes, there are songs and various funny moments in the film. But, I’m not a crying person at all and when you see yourself why would you cry because you know that you have done this. So when people cry in my films, I wish I could experience what they experience. For me, it’s damaged, I’ve done it… But when I saw Katti Batti, I cried myself and was like ‘Oh god that is some intense s**t going on there’ and I told Nikhil that you have made such a ‘rondu’ (emotional) film. But, if I could cry then everyone would cry.”

This is rather unexpected, isn’t it? Has your opinion changed about Katti Batti now?

Source : http://www.missmalini.com/2015/08/28/i-remember-after-i-used-to-finish-shoot-i-would-just-cry-every-night-kangana-ranaut/

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