Is Salman Khan taking a huge health risk for Sultan?


The Bajrangi Bhaijaan hero’s perfectionist ways have become a huge concern for his family…

Salman Khan is ready to get into the skin of his character of a Haryanvi wrestler in Yash Raj Film’s next Sultan directed by Ali Abbas Zafar. The actor who s well known for taking his shirt off to flaunt his chiselled body is trying an all new approach for his ambitious project. Considering that his good friend Aamir Khan to is ready to play the real life wrestler Mahavir Phogat in Nitish Kumar’s biopic titled Dangal, looks like Salman wants to leave no stone unturned to make a mark in this new avatar. No wonder comparisons have already begun between the two friends and if buzz is to be believed then their friendship is soured too. However, like Aamir is Salman also risking his health for this ambitious project?

After spotting the actor at the Prem Ratan Dhan Payo promotions and during his Bigg Boss 9 outings everybody has noticed an obvious change in Salman. The actor was perspiring immensely and at one point was even seen taking his co-star Sonam Kapoor’s designer dupatta to wipe off the beads of sweat on his face. We hear that Salman’s family is really worried about his new ways and regime, which is not really surprising specially when you take into account his health concerns.

Not so long ago during Ek Tha Tiger, Salman was diagnosed with a neurological condition that became a huge concern. The actor was treated for trigeminal neuralgia and aneurysm in the US. In fact, we hear that he was asked to stay away from heavy duty stunts and action sequences, which is why we saw several of his body doubles during the shoot of Kick. But it seems like Salman is thrilled about Sultan and wants to give it his best. However, BollywoodLife had spoken to health expert Arnav Sarkar, Owner, Sarkar Training sometime back on B-town stars sudden physical change. And here’s what he had to say…

#Sudden weight gain – safe or not?: The body needs time to adjust to any weight gain or loss, and hastening this can lead to health problems. It would depend on the current build of the individual. A tall guy is likely to gain more weight than a shorter guy. If a person is starting training and eating right for the very first time, then maybe up to 3-4 kilos would be possible in a safe manner without putting on too much of body fat. This much can be expected without steroids, but massive gains like 10 kilos or more would indicate the use of steroids.

#Health risks: Starting from less dangerous problems like skin problems, it can also cause more severe ones like high blood pressure, impotence, heart attacks, and even death. Steroids are simply not to be played around with. Drastic weight gain is often associated with increased body fat levels and might also make one feel lethargic carrying the rapidly gained weight.

The expert had also commented on Aamir’s situation and revealed how for a professional actor “drastic weight gain and loss is somewhat justified considering the amount of money at stake.” He also added, “it could be different and done in a safer manner, but realistically its just too much money to not take a chance for”.

Well, looks like Salman‘s near and dear ones concern is very much justified. But we would like to know from the actor’s fans if this huge risk by Salman Khan is really justified? Comments in the box below…

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