Kangana Ranaut Speaks About Being An Unwanted Girl Child In This Heartbreaking Interview

Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli were a sight to sore eyes on the cover of this month’sFemina magazine. In the featured interview, the sisters spoke at length about Rangoli’s horrifying acid attack and how they’ve always been there for each other. During the launch of the magazine, Kangana opened up about being an unwanted child because of her gender. Here are a few excerpts –

“My parents had a child before Rangoli, who died within 10 days of his birth. He was called Hero. My parents couldn’t emerge from the loss of that baby boy. But then Rangoli happened and she was taken care of, there was a huge celebration. But when I was born, my parents, my mother especially, couldn’t come to terms with that fact that they had another baby girl. I know these stories in detail because every time a guest visited, or there was a gathering, they repeated this story in front of me that how I was the unwanted child.”

Apart from her elder sister Rangoli, Kangana also has younger brother Akshat. She also addressed the silent prejudice girls have to deal with on a daily basis.

“It’s very hard to live in an environment where you’re reminded, constantly told that your existence just happens to be here…that you are not meant to be here. From my side, there was no acceptance to this fact that I am any less than anyone around me. So there was a certain discomfort that I felt growing up that I am not seen as I want to be seen as.”

Kangana even made an important point by stating that the glorification of women as “selfless” Indian ladies who only care about the happiness of the men in their lives should be stopped as it is regressive.

Keep slaying, Queen!

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