OMG! Mahira Khan refused to do a love-making scene with Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees!


The actress got the jitters it seems…

Raees’ teaser did its job perfectly. It teased us so well that now we can’t wait for 2016 to arrive. It will be bigger and better because Shah Rukh Khan is looking yummiliciously HOT. We couldn’t take our eyes off him. But apart from him, we also have yet another piece of hot news for you from Raees. Apparently, Mahira Khan has refused to do a scene that sees her having sex with Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Now, you are aware that Nawaz plays a guy with dark shades in this Khan film too after Kick. According to a source, “ Mahira’s character was Nawaz’s glam doll in the film before Miyanbhai swept her off her feet. And that wasn’t a very happy relationship. The sex scene is pretty edgy, dark and somewhat brutal which has Nawaz forcing himself on her”. It seems the sequence was getting a little too unsettling for Mahira and she refused to do it.

Well, it’s not so easy to do an edgy thriller. The thrills can easily give you the chills and guess Mahira figured it out too. Wonder what became of this particular scene which clearly looks like something that will establish Nawaz’s evil nature.


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