OMG! Salman Khan Is Getting Married – And The Reason Is Not What We Expected!


I feel like one of the many cool things about Salman Khan is his amazing bachelor tag. Personally, I’d love if he chooses to not get married ever, as I think it adds to the charm of being Salman Khan. But of course, it’s not like bhai is waiting for my permission to do anything in his life.

The latest blind item in Mumbai Mirror is kind of blowing my mind right now.

It reads:

“So the not-young and single superstar may well be married by the year’s end. The forever bachelor has decided that nuff’s nuff. We hear his current girlfriend, a foreigner, may soon end up being the most powerful woman in the film biz. Not an enviable spot, we assure you, for it isn’t her love that will make him pop ring. Rather it’s his ailing mum, who wants to see her baby boy well taken care of. Oh, the more things change.”

No points for guessing that this piece is obviously about Salman Khan. But who would’ve thought Salman would marry for anything but love?

I surely didn’t.


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