Pakistani Actors Are Returning To India To Shoot For This Bollywood Film

Adnan Siddiqui , Sajal Ali

Adnan Siddiqui , Sajal Ali

Months ago, the Indian motion picture producers’ association (IMPPA) banned Pakistani actors and technicians from new projects in Bollywood until situations between the two countries became “normal” again. This, as everyone knows, had ramifications for films like Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (Karan Johar had to release a video saying he wouldn’t work with Pakistani artists) and Raees (Shah Rukh Khan had to meet Raj Thackeray and assure him Mahira Khan wouldn’t promote the film in India). Another film that was allegedly affected was Sridevi‘s Mom, which was nearly completed last year, just when the decision was made. According to reports, the two Pakistani actors who were shooting at that time – Sajal Ali, playing Sridevi’s daughter; Adnan Siddiqui, playing Sridevi’s husband – couldn’t complete the film.

However now, according to DNA, they will be back in India to complete Mom as their visas have been granted. They’re supposed to be here in February, and if things go according to plan, the movie should see its release in May.

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