Pulkit Samrat separates from wife Shweta Rohira


Fukrey actor Pulkit Samrat has separated from his wife Shweta Rohira after one year of being together. In an exclusive interaction with The Indian Express.com, Shweta Rohira said how her family, rakhi brother Salman Khan have been her support system.

“My family has been extremely supportive of me in whatever I have done till now. Today as well it is my family who has been supporting me and that includes Salman bhai as well. Just because he is a superstar doesn’t mean he will not support. He is family to me,” said Shweta.

Shweta, who puts up a brave smiling face, says she sees the brighter side of life. ” Life goes on. It is not as if like due to the separation, the world has come to an end.”

Commenting on her separation, Shweta said, “Pulkit one day came and said that he is separating from me because of his family. I have always believed that families are very important and one shouldn’t do anything to hurt each other’s families.”

Pulkit and Shweta were childhood friends. They ringed in their first anniversary recently on November 3.

Pulkit’s separation has also brought into limelight his alleged closeness with actress Yami Gautam. When we asked Shweta if Yami was the reason behind the separation, she said, “Mr. Pulkit Samrat has said his family is the reason behind him seperating from me and I would like to believe that.”

When we prodded further on the Yami angle and if she thought there was any truth to the affair talks, Shweta said, “Between then (November 2014 when they got married) and now, she (Yami) is not the reason. I don’t know about the future.”

Is a reconciliation possible with Pulkit, she said: “That’s a hypothetical question I have and will always live in the ‘now’ which is the present. What will happen in future is not something I can say.”

Shweta also clarified that divorce has not yet happened as separation is what Pulkit told he wanted for the moment. However, Shweta also asserted that love is still alive for Pulkit in her heart.

Source : http://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/everyone-including-salman-khan-has-been-supporting-me-post-my-separation-with-pulkit-says-shweta-rohira/

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