‘Raabta’ makers break silence on plagiarism accusation by ‘Magadheera’ writers

Raabta, Magadheera

Raabta, Magadheera

Telugu movie ‘Magadheera’ makers dragged ‘Raabta’ writers to the court after accusing them of plagiarism. However, ‘Raabta’ writers claimed that there are no plot similarities between the movies and said, “If it’s like Magadheera, it’s like any other reincarnation film. Then every filmmaker in this country who has made a movie on reincarnation and past life should slap a notice on us,” says scriptwriter Garima.

The scriptwriter added, ” This is an original story, conceptualised and written by Siddharth and me. We worked on it for five years. They [makers of Magadheera] are free to go through our script and research material. Or they can watch our film and decide.

Her co-writer, Siddharth, says the story is as much about rebirth as karma. ” It’s immature of them -to file a case just on the basis of the trailer. They could have called up our director [Dinesh Vijan] and asked for a private screening of the film. We weren’t expecting a legal tussle. If they want to stall the release, they should have contacted us way in advance ,” he adds.

Films are often targeted on the basis of assumptions, he argues. ” Like in the case of [Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s] Padmavati, no one has any idea about the story but they are offended because they feel it’s portraying their queen in a bad light.

Director Dinesh, who was busy with post-production, remained unavailable for comment. An official statement from the ‘Raabta’ makers read, ” We are yet to receive the relevant suit papers and therefore, cannot give a specific comment. We’d, however, like to reject even the remotest suggestion that our film is a copy of Magadheera. We find it disrespectful when people from the industry belittle someone’s hard work by using words like copied and plagiarised nonchalantly.

The Hyderabad court will hear the case on June 1 to decide the release of ‘Raabta’, which is slated to hit the screens on June 9.

Source : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/raabta-makers-break-silence-on-plagiarism-accusation-by-magadheera-writers/articleshow/58859334.cms

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