Read Raveena Tandon’s Extended Version Of Her Blog About Bollywood Scandals, With Props To Kangana


*Today Raveena Tandon wrote a column in the TOI about Bollywood scandals, particularly,murky relationship related. She described the way affairs were conducted in 90s Bollywood – secretly and with the threat of total annihilation of an actress’s career, should she reveal anything at all about it – fodder for a film in itself! (I guess we all kinda knew that. But some of the things she describes gave me the chills.) She even mentions that the media had some part to play in skewing public perception in the actor’s favour for reasons of their own. But today, social media has taken on the role of creating a more inquisitive public jury that doesn’t just believe everything they read. They discuss and debate and hear the case from the stars themselves. She goes on to high five Kangana for having some “balls” and the grit to take a stand. A far cry from what happened in the 70s where some starlets were traumatized to death – literally.

Here’s an extended version of the column that she just published on her personal blog. I warn you, it’s not the happy shiny version of Bollywood we would all like to believe.


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