Rekha Was Allegedly Sexually Assaulted When She Was Fifteen Years Old


Rekha‘s biography – Rekha: The Untold Story, written by Yasser Usman is one of the most comprehensive attempts to decode and demystify the life of the superstar who lives a rather guarded life. One of the most heartbreaking excerpt from the book is how a fifteen year old Rekha was sexually assaulted on a film set.

“During the shooting of Anjana Safar, the director hatched a plan with film’s male lead Biswajeet to catch a 15 year old Rekha off guard for a kissing scene. The actress was shocked when Biswajeet caught hold of her and kissed her forcefully for a long time. With the entire crew members watching and hooting at the actress’ harassment, the incident earned Rekha the tag of ‘sex-kitten’.”

This excerpt is taken from a biography which in our knowledge has not been sanctioned by the actress herself, nevertheless, it just shows the tumultuous life she has lead.


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