Rs 580 crore! That’s how much birthday girl Alia Bhatt’s movies have made so far!

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt

From Student Of The Year to Badrinath Ki Dulhania, birthday girl Alia Bhatt has come a long way in her career. Alia has always looked good, but over the few years that she has been in the industry, she has also proved her mettle as an actress. During her five years in Bollywood, she has evolved as a person too. In fact, in just nine films, she has established herself as a top draw at the ticket windows and raked in a total of Rs 580 crore at the box office!

For those of you who are not in the know, in an interview with Niranjan Iyer, after Student Of The Year, Alia had revealed, “I heard such harsh comments. Filmmakers had written me off as a silly girl. Some said I should never try my luck at the movies. I felt miserable and unwanted. For a week, I shunned all outdoor activities as I didn’t want people to spot me and make fun.” But we are sure those filmmakers would now be taking their words back, as this ‘silly girl’ has made it big in Bollywood. Through just nine films, Alia has amassed Rs 580 crore at the box office, which is HUGE! If you see the collections of all her films till date, from Student Of The Year to Badrinath Ki Dulhania, you will realise that she has earned really big bucks. Check out the detailed breakdown here:


But this is just the beginning. Alia has just turned 24 and has her best years ahead of her. Her career is currently booming and she is also making smart choices. With that, Alia Bhatt is well on her way to be a superstar and it won’t be a surprise if she hits the Rs 1000 crore mark soon!

Our trade expert Akshaye Rathi also agrees and says, “There are two aspects to analyse in Alia Bhatt‘s career – one is her box office standing in terms of the films she has been a part of and the way they have performed; and second is the perception that she has created through her films, her PR, brands, over the years. And one thing that virtually no one can deny, and the thing that is extremely critical for an actor to be a star, is likeability. And Alia Bhatt has that in abundance. She has an image that works for people; she has an image that people like.”

He further continues, “Then comes the box office. If you look at the kind of films that she has done, you will realise what I am saying. While she has done a Highway, she has again been smart with her next choice of film in terms of the potential that it will have at the box office. For stars, who are just four or five or six years into the industry, it is too early to get experimental with the kind of cinema that let’s say an Aamir Khan can do. And these superstars can afford to do that because, over the last 20 years, they have done commercial, entertaining films to generate a fan following. So people who are just a few years into the industry and haven’t had 20-30 films, can’t afford to get experimental with cinema. But still, Alia’s been very smart. Either she has done an absolutely commercial film or she has got the star power to make an experimental film commercially viable. With all these things working for her, she has a phenomenal career ahead and she will be a true, blue superstar.”

With such positive words, we wish Alia Bhatt a very Happy Birthday and wish her all the luck with her career…

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