Salman Khan Gets Robbed By Four Women In Bandra!


While he is busy protecting everyone in his movies, seems like Salman Khan needs to be protected in real life. Yes, for shizzles! According to Mumbai Mirror, Salman went to a club in Bandra one night and ended up getting robbed by four women who told him they were his big fans. After they left, Salman realized that his wallet, sunglasses, and his Bajrangi Bhaijaan pendant were missing. Monetarily, losing these things didn’t make a difference to Salman so he refused to file a complaint with the cops. However, the actor has now increased his security from 2 guards to 14!

But it looks like his family prefers to keep this a secret. When Arpita Khan Sharma was asked about this incident, she said,

“It’s not easy to rob Salman. He has not visited a night club in recent times nor does he carry a wallet.”

Nandita Singga who is a producer said,

“Yes, Salman was robbed and had to increase his security from two to 14 men.”

Guess, by the end of the day we all are vulnerable to such incidents!

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