Salman Khan: I will get married on November 18

Yes, you heard it right. Salman Khan wants to get married on November 18. But for all those girls who love him don’t be heartbroken just yet for Bollywood’s Bhai is not sure the November of which year he would tie the knot ultimately.

At the launch of Sania Mirza’s autobiography, Ace Against Odds, Sania herself asked Salman, ‘Everyone wants to know when are you getting married? It’s the most important question.

While a slightly embarrassed Salman paused to think of an appropriate answer, the emcee of the event suggested, “18th November.”

For the uninitiated, November 18 is the date when his father Salim Khan married his mother Salma and kid sister Arpita Khan too tied the knot two years back on the same date.

Hearing November 18, Salman said, “Yes. 18th November. Yeh 18th November, yeh kuch bees pachees November se chal raha hai. Lekin pata nahi kaunse saal main hoga. Lekin hoga. (This 18th November has been going on for the last 20-25 Novembers. I don’t know which year it will happen but it will happen.)

When Sania remarked that not many women are complaining about him staying a bachelor, Salman quipped, ” I know a few who are complaining. Aapko nahi pata kitna pressure hai. (You don’t know the amount of pressure on me.)”

Disclosing the name of the complainants, Salman said, “I am talking about my mother and sisters. They want me to get married.”

Let’s wait and see if Bollywood’s chronic bachelor will accede to his family’s wish. And if that happens wonder who will be the lucky girl. We feel a certain Miss Vantur has a great chance.

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