Shah Rukh Khan’s father taught him four important life lessons, which helped him become a superstar

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

In life when you are alone or depressed, your creativity becomes your best friend, Shah Rukh Khan said while giving an inspirational speech to students during an event.

Had Shah Rukh Khan not been an actor, he would have definitely been a motivational speaker. The superstar who is among the most eloquent speakers of B-town gave an inspirational speech to the students of Maulana Azad National Urdu University where he was recently conferred with an honorary doctorate.

In a five-minute long speech, SRK recollected the learnings passed onto him by his late father.

“I feel proud when I see people studying and educating themselves. There is nothing greater than education in the world. My father was a highly educated man. But he was also poor. He never got any job. He hardly had any money. Whatever business he started despite being so educated, they was all failures. But he gave me a lot of love. Because he didn’t have any money on every birthday of mine, he used to give me some of his old things and through those, I got my learnings,” SRK said.

Revealing those gifts and subsequent lessons learned, he added, “The first old thing he gifted me was a chess set. He used to play chess with the head priest of a Hanuman mandir. He told me that I could learn a lot about life through chess. First and foremost being cooperation and teamwork. Second, in life when you have to go forward at times you do have to take a step backward too. Third being that small person the so-called pawns should be respected. No one is small. Everyone is useful. And the last thing was sometimes the things that we love the most like the queen in chess sometimes has to be sacrificed.”

The second thing that SRK’s father gifted him was a typewriter which taught him another important lesson. “When you type something wrong on a typewriter, if you write something erroneously, it becomes difficult to remove it. So you have to be very diligent and very careful. When I learned to type on it while doing commerce in college, the only thing I realized is that practice makes you perfect. Whatever you do in life, do it diligently. Do it in a way so that there are no mistakes. Do it thinking that this is your first and last chance and you will never get a chance to do it again.”

The third life lesson was taught to SRK was by his father’s old camera. “He once gifted me his old camera. It never functioned. I could see from the viewfinder but couldn’t click pictures. It taught me an important lesson. Our creativity or hobby cannot always become our work. Very few people are fortunate to make it their job to me. But whatever our creativity is, be it poetry, painting, singing or dancing, it is not necessary that the world should accept it. Like the camera I had, it couldn’t click but whatever one saw through it was beautiful. Similarly, you should hone your creativity for yourself and it doesn’t matter whether the world accepts it or not. Because in life when you are alone or depressed at that time it is your creativity who becomes your best friend whether the world likes it or not. I am a bad poet but when I am depressed, I write things like ‘Humne tumhare yaad main ro ro rakkhar tub bhar diye aur woh aakar nahakar chal diye.’ During sad times when I write this, I get a lot of peace.”

The fourth and final lesson given by SRK’s father was the need to have a sense of humour. “Sense of humour in your life is essential. Always have a child like innocence,” SRK told students before signing off.

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