Sonakshi Sinha rekindles affiar with ex-flame?

Your diarist was the first to bring you news of the beautiful actor Sonakshi Sinha and her romantic interest in SoBo lad Bunty Sachdev , celebrity manager and also Seema Khan’s brother. While they were dating years ago, they seem to have rekindled their affair last year.

Last week, at the 60th birthday of Bunty and Seema’s mum, Sonakshi was present at the party at his home. She was well looked after by Seema and her mum, while Seema’s teenage son Nirvaan took pictures with her and Bunty.

We hear the actor and some of their pals even stayed over for the night, as the celebrations went on for so long. How’s that for a nod from his mum myji? Now, over to her papaji.


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