Sonam Kapoor Opens Up About Intolerance & Facing Racism


At a recent event, Sonam Kapoor spoke about intolerance, an issue that everyone has been talking about lately. She started off by saying that the term is rather broad, and that she, herself, has been a victim of racism while visiting other countries.

“They see brown skin and they judge you already. When I go abroad people already have their perception, like we are always in parda or our parents are very conservative.”

She said that we, too, are judgemental, because, “we see white skin and think the girl is loose.”

Sonam went on to say that all the talk about intolerance is a good thing, and it’s  “very healthy” that there’s a dialogue and people are realising that there are judgements in society. As for Aamir Khan‘s infamous comments on intolerance, the actress believes his comments were “not irrelevant” but may have been “too strong.”

“It was just a living room discussion. He basically said that he is scared that this thought has entered his mind. I don’t think he was criticising anything. If he is expressing his fears, it doesn’t make him an anti-national. Maybe what he said was too strong… but it wasn’t irrelevant.”

Do you agree with Sonam?

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