Sonu Nigam To Undergo Surgery; Cancels Concerts


Some time ago, Sonu Nigam had to undergo surgery for his knee, and was in immense pain after the procedure. The singer had attended an event for Sarbjit in crutches, where he revealed that he’d undergone major surgery, and had made a public appearance for the first time in two months. However, it looks like Sonu will be having surgery yet again, as he revealed in a recent interview to Radio and Music that the second round will be happening soon:

“I have been having cartilage issue for a year and a half. I have been limping all this while. So I thought of taking five-six months off my schedule to get it fixed. The first leg is done. The second leg will be coming very soon. So, I will once again be bedridden.”

It seems like the issue cropped up because the singer played a lot of squash without proper guidance, hence his damaged knee cartilages. According to SpotboyE, he has cancelled all concerts until September, but from the sounds of it he will continue to record songs during that time period.

Here’s hoping his second surgery goes well, and here’s wishing him a speedy recovery!

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