Sooraj Pancholi Reportedly Sent Abusive Messages To Jiah Khan Before She Committed Suicide!


Times Of India has reported that Sooraj Pancholi lost his cool on Jiah Khan on the night she committed suicide. He reportedly sent her a barrage of abusive messages because of a fight the two had. In their chargesheet, the CBI have stated that on June 3, 2013, Sooraj sent a bouquet to Jiah as she had bagged two films and an item song. He then went on to have dinner with a friend at a suburban five star. The chargesheet further stated that at 10.04pm, he called Jiah and said he was at the hotel and waiting for a jewelry designer. Jiah allegedly called the woman to confirm this,  but the designer told Jiah that she was to meet Sooraj the next day. This misunderstanding apparently lead to the fight they had.

The CBI mentioned that Sooraj requested the jewelry designer to call Jiah up and clear the air. But her calls to Jiah couldn’t get through. Jiah then repeatedly called and messaged Sooraj, who called her back at 10.22 pm. Following which, she went to his house. To avoid her, the domestic help said that Sooraj was busy, but later when he was sent to fetch her, she had left.  CCTV footage showed Jiah returned home at 10.48 pm. Sooraj called her at 10.54 pm and this was the last conversation between the couple.

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