Soumitra’s grandson, Ronodeep, critical post bike accident

Ronodeep Bose

Ronodeep Bose

oung actor Ronodeep Bose, grandson of Soumitra Chatterjee, met with an accident underwent a brain surgery. The actor was riding a bike with a friend riding pillion when the vehicle hit a cemented wall near his home in New Alipore. Sources say the youngster is in very critical condition.

According to a source, the accident happened at around 2 am. “Ronodeep looked back for a split second as he was crossing a road when his bike hit a cemented wall. His friend, Joy, who was travelling with him sustained multiple fractures, but is better than Ronodeep. The latter has sustained severe head injuries and is undergoing a major brain operation,” he said. The entire family, including Soumitra, is at the Institute of Neurosciences, where Ronodeep is currently admitted and undergoing treatment. His band members, who were with him all night, are present at the institute and are keeping an eye on his treatment.

Sources from the medical institute tells us that the operation has been successful. “He’s reacting well to medications and that’s a positive sign. However, we will have to wait for another 4 days to ensure that he’s out of danger,” they said.

We wish the actor a speedy recovery.


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