SRK says if we give you grape, you will make it into a watermelon : Rohit Shetty



Rohit Shetty has talked about how challenging his next film ‘Dilwale’ is proving to be in an interview with a leading daily.

Rohit, who is working with superstar Shah Rukh Khan for the second time in ‘Dilwale’, stated that every film is challenging but according to SRK, even if Rohit is handed a grape, he makes it into a watermelon. When asked about whether ‘Dilale’ was his most challenging project so far, Rohit said,

“Every film is challenging. Shah Rukh says, “Even if we give you a grape, you will make it into a watermelon (laughs).” So, there should always be a challenge. If it’s not there, you won’t enjoy the process, and even if the film works, you won’t get the kind of high you should get.”

He also talked about how well the film is shaping up to be and credited Shah Rukh for the same, calling the actor a “great producer”. He said,

“This film is mounting well, all thanks to Shah Rukh, who is a great producer. He has been my biggest strength. Like Ajay (Devgn), with SRK there are limited discussions. He understands what I’m saying. He understands my emotions as a human being and as a director. If Shah Rukh wasn’t the producer, I don’t know if I would have been able to helm such a big film.”

‘Dilwale’ also stars Kajol, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon.


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