Sunny Leone’s condom ad will increase rapes, claims CPI leader!


 The politician also blamed the actress for spreading porn.

CPI leader Atul Kumar Anjan has stated that ex adult actress Sunny Leone ‘s condom ad will destroy people’s sensibility and lead to more rapes in India. The politician made this statement while he was talking at a rally in Ghazipur. Apart from saying it will impact the sensibility of people, he also blamed the Jism 2 actress for spreading porn in India.

While addressing a rally, Anjan said, “Now there is an advertisement with her (Leone), have you seen it? She is lying down…and a man comes to her. (They show the advertisement) in the morning, at night…an advertisement for condoms, it is such a dirty and horrific advertisement that develops your sexuality and destroys your sensibility.” He further added,  ”If such advertisements for condoms appear in the country’s TV channels and newspapers, then incidents of rape will increase. It needs to be stopped.”

In the same rally, the CPI leader also said,  “If you switch on the TV, there is a woman named Sunny Leone, she has been the heroine of films with the most nudity. She has come from Australia to India and she was brought into films by Mahesh Bhatt. For five years she has been around and now she has become a heroine in films.”

The politician also commented on Sunny’s pornstar image. While talking about her porn films, Anjan said,  “I don’t want to speak about this before my sisters, they are porn films. I had never watched one till now, so I watched this porn. After watching just two minutes, I kept vomiting. They are showing everything and selling everything.”

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