Sushant Singh Rajput Opens Up About His Dating Rumours With Kriti Sanon

The reports of Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon dating have been doing the rounds. Kriti recently called out a tabloid for spreading allegedly false news about her holidaying with Sushant. And now, Sushant, in a recent interview to HT, spoke about his relationship status.

He said:

“I was tired of answering personal questions. First I read stories about my affair with an actress. Then, it all started again when my film with Kriti went on the floors These stories are entertaining but they are fictional. A few days back, I read that Kriti and I holidayed in Bangkok but she wasn’t there. The story was published when she came back to Mumbai after shooting in Bangkok. I know it’s tempting to write such stories. But in this case, it’s sadly untrue (laughs). I am NOT dating anyone right now.”

Just “good friends” then? Okay.

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