MUST WATCH: Anushka Sharma Calls Out Sexism In Bollywood In The Most Kickass Way!


Anushka Sharma completes 7 years of being in Bollywood this year. Yay! The woman is fun, funny, graceful and smart – all the things I love in my kind of woman basically. The lovelyAnupama Chopra did a candid interview with her where they did not mince their words.

Sexism in Bollywood was brought up and Anushka – who hasn’t shied away from talking about it in the past either – did not hold back:

1. On the roles available for women…

“Girls are just expected to be good-looking. Look nice and just be interesting enough for a guy to be interested in you in a film. Women doing films together – they only come together in a film when there’s a guy involved.”

2. On the “heroines” getting younger and younger…

“Men can work as long as they want to even when they’ve aged. They’re still amazing and cool. And I have no problem with that. But why is that women are only okay when they’re “young and desirable”? There’s a sexual connotation attached.”

3. On how deeply ingrained sexism is…

“If you’re on an outdoor schedule, you know that the guy is going to get the better room. Why does that need to happen?”

4. On the wage gap…

“A few years ago, when people were being asked this question, they were being diplomatic about it. Today we’re talking about it because in all walks of life, women are earning money and the power game has shifted. A female newcomer and a male newcomer will get paid different amounts of money. You’re a newcomer, nobody knows who you are, man or woman doesn’t matter. But you’re going to get paid different money.”

5. On being a woman in the industry…

“People tell me I’m an activist. They say you’re saying these kinds of things – that makes you an activist. I think people don’t like women with guts in this industry.”

6. On what makes one a bitch…

“If you’re asking for something that you think you deserve, you’re a bitch. “She has an attitude problem. Isko kitna attitude hai”! We aren’t dumb. We haven’t come this far in life being floozies. All the actresses in the industry are smart are smart. Obviously they’re not being unreasonable. But if they’re making a suggestion, they’re told they’re being “difficult”.

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“Virat & I Are The Same People. Except, I Don’t Have So Much Aggression!” – Anushka Sharma


Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are so cute together. I don’t think I’ll ever forget their photos from the time the duo got back from the World Cup. Too many f*cking feels. In a recent interview, Anushka was asked that how she manages to keep a sense of normalcy in her relationship with Virat, given they’re both in such extreme professions.

She said:

“Because even he likes that sense of normalcy. Virat and I are actually the same people. Except, I don’t have that much aggression. He’s emotionally charged and I’m emotionally more chilled out. But other than that, we’re the same people and we want the same things from life. That’s why we’re in a relationship… and touch wood… in a relationship that’s normal. Because we both don’t want to become pawns, you know? It is hard. It’s hard for me to stand in the stadium and if Virat doesn’t do well, I feel like “oh shit! I’ve done something wrong”. I know the camera is on me… but I’m great in front of the camera, so it’s fine. (laughs). So initially that happens and over time you’ve to direct yourself. And both of us are aware of that.”

Aww 🙂

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Virat accepts his relationship with Anushka


It not an unknown fact that Anushka Sharma is seeing cricketer Virat Kohli. The two are spotted together at several places. And now finally Virat has accepted his relationship with the actress. He said,” “It’s out in the open. We aren’t hiding anything.” We also hear that two might be seen together in a YRF film. The two met on the set of a TVC while shooting for a brand the two endorse together.

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‘I Don’t Pay Attention To Cowards’: Anushka Sharma on Being Trolled For Getting Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s Name Wrong


The 27-year-old actress faced the wrath of Twitteraties soon after her incorrect spelling of late former President APJ Abdul Kalam as she mourned his loss. This too, ironically, happened after she had made an empowering statement about only wanting positive people on her Twitter. However, Anushka made it a point to ensure that her intentions don’t get lost in translation. She took to Twitter to post, “It was an honest mistake. My intention…my feelings can’t be misconstrued. But I know with what intention I was writing.”

It all started on the day of the Missile Man’s demise as many B-town celebs took to their microblogging sites to express their griefs, including Anushka. Although the actress immediately realized her error and tried to rectify it, her next post also consisted of a typo in spelling his name.

The NH 10 actor retorted at social media users who lambasted her over the error, dubbing them “cowards”. “I don’t want to pay attention to cowards who hide behind computer screens…with fake names. If you want to say things come and say it on my face,” Anushka added.

On another note, the Dil Dhadakne Do star later also tweeted her stance on another social issue, “I would not endorse products that propagate racist and sexist (beliefs)….and propagate social taboo. I don’t want to endorse products that propagate fair skin and all. I will not propagate anything that says this is right or wrong.”

Quite proud of her no-nonsense attitude!


Anushka Sharma gets APJ Abdul Kalam’s name wrong in tribute, not once but twice


Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma on Tuesday (July 28) came into focus on social media when she got the spellings of former president APJ Abdul Kalam wrong while expressing condolences on his demise.

APJ Abdul Kalam died on Monday (July 27) after suffering cardiac arrest while delivering a lecture at a management school in Shillong. Anushka Sharma spelt late president Kalam’s name incorrectly with a post on Twitter that read: “Very sad to hear about the passing of ABJ Kalam Azad. Loss of an inspiring visionary and a wonderful soul. May his soul RIP.” Here is a print screen of Anushka’s tweet, which she immediately deleted:



However, she realised her mistake soon and tried to rectify it, but in vain. She got the name wrong again. She wrote: “Very sad to hear about the passing of APJ Kalam Azad. Loss of an inspiring visionary and a wonderful soul. May his soul RIP.”