Kaabil box office collection day 12: Hrithik Roshan’s film passes the second weekend test, earns Rs 118.14 crore



Slow, steady and spectacular – now doesn’t that exactly sum up Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil journey at the box office? While the film hit the screens on January 25. It has not only managed to hit the Rs 100 crore mark within 10 days but has also passed the second weekend test with flying numbers. Kaabil has collected Rs 11.88 crore yesterday (February 5), now bringing its total to Rs 118.14 crore. And mind you, the day 12 figures are more than the amount it made on its opening day (Day 1- Rs 10.43 crore), which only prove how good content eventually grows over the audience. Not to mention, most of the critics too have praised Kaabil by calling it Hrithik’s ‘career best’ performance.

Talking about worldwide collections, Kaabil is already inching close to the Rs 150 crore mark. Producer Rakesh Roshan had given us a detailed understanding stating, “I sold the film for a lesser price to my distributors. I am the only producer who sells to individual distributors. My all India sale to distributors is not exceeding more than Rs. 42 crores. I made the film in, without counting Hrithik’s and my price, we have made the film at a budget of Rs.35 crore. Plus Rs. 15 cr on P&A. Satellite rights were sold for Rs. 50 cr, while music was sold for Rs 8 crore. Overseas went for Rs. 16 crore.”

Kaabil also happens to be the first Indian film to release in Pakistan after the ban-lift and well, it’s turned out to be quite a successful one. The film is making decent money across the border; close to Rs 80 lakhs which is phenomenal business in comparison to other movie releases in Pakistan.

All said and done, seems like January has ended on a good note. Kaabil’s clash with Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees was one of the most awaited one but guess everyone’s come out as a winner. Keep watching this space for latest box office updates on Kaabil.

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“Nothing Hurts Me” – Shah Rukh Khan Responds To Rakesh Roshan’s Allegations

Raees vs Kaabil

Raees vs Kaabil

The Raees Vs Kaabil clash will probably go down in history as one of the biggest clashes Bollywood has seen. Both teams went all out to promote the film in unique ways and from the looks of it, it has paid off. Despite the films doing well, Rakesh Roshan has come out and cried foul. He has accused Team Raees and the distributors of breaking their promise. Reportedly, the screens were meant to be divided equally between the two but eventually 60% of the screens were given to Shah Rukh Khan, while Hrithik‘s Kaabil got the remaining 40%. This upset senior Roshan and he didn’t hesitate to call out distributors!

SRK has finally spoken on the matter with DNA and here’s what he said.

No, nothing hurts me. I know what I do, I know what feelings I have. And the main feeling that I have is I do things above board and honestly. I don’t need to say it to anyone or prove it, specially on a public platform. I don’t need to be justifying anything. I have been here long enough. I respect everybody and more than that, I respect my honesty and my earnestness in the way I do business so I am not going to react to XYZ or anyone saying anything about me. You can say, ask, complain or talk.”

He still loves Hrithik and wishes the team well.

Personally, I have huge amount of respect for Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik. I love them and I wish them the best. I think their film is doing good enough, they should be happy.”

It’s about time they buried the hatchet, don’t you think?

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Kaabil movie review: Hrithik Roshan’s performance takes the film to soaring heights


Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam’s Kaabil will hit the theatres tomorrow morning on January 25. The film is a revenge drama and it’s the first time Hrithik and Sanjay Gupta collaborate on a film. It is also the first time we see Yami and Hrithik together on 70mm. While the response to this latest Rakesh Roshan production venture promos has been great, we decided to give you a lowdown on whether you should spend your money and time to watch Hrithik’s latest outing at the theatres…

What’s it about

It isn’t the first time we are watching an actor play a visually impaired character on screen. Naseeruddin Shah and Om Puri both wowed us with their impeccable acts in 1980’s Sparsh. The challenge of playing a character with a physical disability, in this case visual impairment is massive. It is not so much to do with the way the character is moving or walking, but it’s a mind game – how does he behave, respond and act under the situations he is put in. These intricacies and subtleties of approaching a character aren’t taught in any film school, neither can you ape it by watching any other performance. In Kaabil, Hrithik plays Rohan Bhatnagar – a visually impaired guy who doesn’t let his shortcoming become his identity. He decides to marry Supriya (Yami Gautam) who too is blind and they both dream of buying the ideal house and living a normal life. Things turn bad when a local politician Madhav Shelar (Ronit Roy) and his brother cast their evil eyes on Rohan and Supriya’s love story. From this point onwards, Kaabil becomes a revenge drama, one man’s fight to dish out his own justice to those who did wrong to his loved one.

What’s hot

Hrithik Roshan takes his biggest career risk with Kaabil. For an actor whose name is synonymous with good looks, vanity and superstardom, to play a simple ordinary guy who isn’t bothered by the way he looks on screen or how many packs he has hidden behind his shirt, for him Kaabil is a huge risk. Does it pay off ? Yes, by leaps and bounds. Kaabil works simply because Hrithik takes it to another level. His honesty and openness in letting us get a glimpse of Rohan’s world is endearing. Right from the opening frame where we watch Rohan make breakfast to the very last scene you are spellbound by Hrithik’s craft. You are waiting for him to mess up, or maybe there will be a flaw and he will get out of character, look in the camera, but that doesn’t happen even for a second. Kaabil also works because you watch characters and not caricatures. Hrithik and Yami’s chemistry is outstanding the idea to cast these two opposite each other just fantastic. Sanjay Gupta’s style is sexy yet tame. He doesn’t go all out with lighting up the frames or focussing on the VFX, instead the spotlight is on the script and building up a strong narrative. Brothers Ronit and Rohit Roy shine in their roles and bring in the right baddie sauce to the dish. The dialogues are crisp and Hrithik’s monologue just when the interval sets in will get the theatre up on their seats. Also Rajesh Roshan’s soundtrack is a throwback to the 90’s when melody reigned supreme. Urvashi Rautela’s item song Haseeno Ka Deewana provides the right welcome break to an otherwise serious scenario.

What’s not

Kaabil has a lazy first half and we wished the pace picked up early on. The VFX in some scenes is botched up and Mumbai’s familiar terrain (Marine Drive scenes) is mismatched with some unnecessary props. Yami’s scenes in the second half and her dialogues with Hrithik also feel forced. Kaabil is dark and violent. There is very little scope for relief and humor in this script. That can become tiresome after a while.

What to do

Kaabil is Hrithik Roshan‘s career best performance. Watch and marvel at what can easily be termed as the finest performance to come out of Bollywood in a long time.

Rating:4.0 out of 5

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Kaabil box office collection day 4: Hrithik Roshan’s film sees a huge jump, earns Rs. 52.41 crore



Hrithik Roshan‘s Kaabil is doing great business at the box office despite taking on the mighty Shah Rukh Khan starrer Raees. It may have been earning less than SRK’s film every day but it hasn’t lost momentum at all. Saturday was supposed to be big and it was just that. By earning Rs. 13.54 crore, Kaabil has crossed the Rs. 50 crore mark in just four days. The total collection of the film is Rs. 52.41 crore. This is awesome news for the makers who have been hurt at the unequal distribution of screens between Raees and Kaabil.

Let us tell you something here. Whatever Kaabil is earning now, is just profits. Much before the release of the film, we have told you how it is already on profit path. We had spoken to Rakesh Roshan about it and he gave out the monetary logistics about the film. He had said, “You know I sold the film for a lesser price to my distributors. I am the only producer who sells to individual distributors. My all India sale to distributors is not exceeding more than Rs. 42 crores. I made the film in, without counting Hrithik’s and my price, we have made the film at a budget of Rs.35 crore. Plus Rs. 15 cr on P&A. Satellite rights were sold for Rs. 50 cr, while music was sold for Rs 8 crore. Overseas went for Rs. 16 crore.” It has earned more than the budget of the film by selling the satellite rights itself. Hence, Kaabil is in a very advantageous position.

What also worked in its favour is some really good reviews. Critics showered it with praises. Hrithik’s performance has now become a benchmark for many. Add to that good word of mouth and Kaabil is already a winner. Trade also expects it to close the gap between the film and Raees since reports are very positive about this revenge drama. So stay tuned for more such box office update soon.

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The Makers Of Kaabil Are Accusing Team Raees Of Foul Play

Raees vs Kaabil

Raees vs Kaabil

While movie buffs have their hands full with 2 promising films starring Bollywood superstars releasing this week – the makers of Kaabil and Raees are reportedly at loggerheads. Although the main leads, Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan wished the best for each other, things don’t look very good as of now.

Kaabil‘s director Sanjay Gupta and producer Rakesh Roshan have reportedly cried foul as the distributors have given them 60-40 screens (60 for Raees and 40 for Kaabil) against the 50-50 ratio initially promised to them. According to a report in DNA, the exhibitors may have done this as they were promised Bahubaali 2 if they gave more screens to the SRK starrer.

Rakesh Roshan spoke to DNA about the alleged bias and said:

I wont comment upon any other film as that’s not my territory. I will only talk about my film Kaabil. We are shocked, disappointed and terribly hurt! I had not expected this. I spoke to all my concerned exhibitors last week, showed them one hour of the film and requested them that we should go 50-50 screens and they agreed. All over the world from Dubai, UK, Australia and New Zealand they have given us 50-50 screens except in our industry. That’s very hurtful to me and I feel betrayed because after talking to them, they did this. With these clashes, we have to avoid unfair play. Every producer feels my film is the best where he is concerned and where two films are coming if we avoid this and make both films 50-50 screens then it’s better for the film industry.”

Your thoughts?

Source : https://www.missmalini.com/2017/01/25/maker-kaabil-accusing-team-raees-foul-play/

With Kaabil, Hrithik Roshan to reinvent romance which will make you crush on him even more

Hrithik Roshan & Yami Gautam in Kaabil

Hrithik Roshan & Yami Gautam in Kaabil

It’s difficult not to be in love with Hrithik Roshan. He is charming, ridiculously good looking, and has an effortless way of making you fall for him even without trying. Kaabil will see him paint the silver screens with this same romantic fervour and we are dying to watch that. In fact, we feel he is reinventing romance with Kaabil on the big screen. Of course, we can prove it!

Tantalizing trailer

You need a trailer that leaves an impact and Kaabil took Facebook by storm. It was the most viewed video on Facebook upon release. A record even before the film released – that’s how Hrithik rolls. Honestly, it was nothing we had expected. We weren’t prepared to get washed over by sweet romance and to tell you the truth, we were overwhelmed. Then, there was action and emotions too. But what we liked the most is the freshness of it all. It looked so beautiful. No wonder people lapped it up on social media platforms.

Old school romance in a new package

There was a strange likeability in the way romance was conducted in films previously. It was really really sweet and Kaabil gives you the same feeling. Regardless of the fact that Yami and Hrithik play a blind couple, there is the promise of the first meeting, first touch, first fight and all the firsts that one experiences in a relationship. Even when you can’t see your partner, you know his gaze on you makes you blush more. Ah…such a perfect romance. But it’s a Rakesh Roshan production who believes in imbibing modern sensibilities in his films. So there will be many present day love references but the essence will be maintained. Even in a tech heavy Krrish series, he managed to get romance play an important part.

Fresh chemistry

Okay, admit it Hrithik looks good with anyone. He has this aura around himself which makes everyone look good in front of him. But with Yami, it just goes way beyond anything that we have seen before. Perhaps the fact that they have come together for the first time has added oodles of charm to the film. Whatever scenes of the two we saw in the trailer and the song made us go aww. They look beautiful together!

Melody returns to music

In today’s times, it’s all about who’s rapping in a song. Melody has lost its identity but people like Rajesh Roshan will do anything to not let that happen. After listening to Kaabil Hoon, we were reminded of the melodies that touched our hearts instantly. It felt so good to hear such melody. There was a time in the 90s, composers only cared about making a melodious tune without gimmicks. Rajesh Roshan’s tunes will take you back to that memorable decade. We don’t how to thank you for that Mr Roshan! We were so missing that…

It goes without saying that Kaabil will be the best start to 2017 when it releases on January 25. Romance has become so cliched these days that Hrithik’s film is the ray of hope that it will be back being relevant like before.

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Kaabil Becomes The Most Viewed Bollywood Trailer On Facebook & YouTube



From the first look to the teaser and most recently the trailer, Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam starrer Kaabilis breaking the Internet. The trailer of the film has amassed over 18 million views since its release and has effortlessly become the most viewed Bollywood trailer on Facebook and YouTube. The team began with a teaser sans visuals, with only Hrithik’s intense baritone and followed it up with few intriguing posters. And to top it all, the Kaabil team went live on Facebook to entertain any requests or queries their fans had. They’re leaving no stone unturned to win the hearts of their audiences. If this is the kind of buzz the initial glimpses are creating, we cannot even begin to imagine the kind of magic that’ll be created once the movie hits the screens next year!

Congratulations to the team!

Source : http://www.missmalini.com/2016/10/28/kaabil-becomes-the-most-viewed-bollywood-trailer-on-facebook-youtube/

Sorry Shah Rukh Khan, Kaabil may not be able to move from January 26, 2017


 Yesterday, Shah Rukh Khan met up with Rakesh Roshan at his residence probably in a bid to push Kaabil from the January 26, 2016 date which he is eyeing for Raees. The tweet that followed from the actor hinted that a midway may have been found. SRK had written, “Met friend/mentor/family after many a days.Mr. R.Roshan reminded me…it’s not important to do 2 much, it’s important to get 1 right. Thx sir.” But it seems nothing of the sort can avert this clash, even Hrithik Roshan can’t help here. Our trade expert and Editor of Super Cinema Amul Mohan revealed something about Kaabil that might make the shift difficult.
Amul Mohan said, “As far as I know I don’t think Kaabil is going to move from the spot. That’s because they have sold a few territories to distributors. It’s already in place to show the film on a particular date. In an ideal world, Shah Rukh Khan would want a solo release. But I don’t think it will be the case this time. Let’s see what happens. It’s not in the hands of Hrithik Roshan right now. If something can be arranged mutually, it will be beneficial for both the films.”
Mohan is however hopeful that there’s lot of time for release and things can change. “There is a lot of time till January rolls around and lot of things will go up and down till that point.” We hope the makers will decide something and avoid this clash. As has been said repeatedly, India doesn’t have that many screens to host two big releases. Both will eat into each other’s profit and the end, there won’t be a clear winner, especially now when the stakes are higher. But it is very interesting to notice how a film which is still getting shot already got a few territories sold. It means people are expecting big things from Kaabil. Should Raees be concerned?

Source : http://www.bollywoodlife.com/news-gossip/sorry-shah-rukh-khan-kaabil-may-not-be-able-to-move-from-january-26-2017/

Salman Khan’s Sultan, Aamir Khan’s Dangal poster, Shah Rukh Khan’s next with Anushka Sharma – Meet the top 5 newsmakers of the week!


It was the week when Sultan had the grand release…So you know which star or movie has made the maximum number of headlines this week. Surprisingly even the other two Khans also got their share of attention with their respective upcoming films.

Here are the top 5 news makers of the week…

Cool tagline isn’t it? That’s what happened when Salman Khan‘s latest Eid release killed it with a roaring business at the theatres. The film was released on Wednesday, to capitalise on the Eid weekend, and it surely did. Sultan got the highest opening day collections this year, and also beatBajrangi Bhaijaan‘s opening day record as well, though fell short of those of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’s. And it continues to soar ahead! The film also got generally good reviews, with most of them praising the performances of Salman and Anushka Sharma, as well as the romance angle between them!

Shah Rukh Khan reveals a lot during his Eid interaction

When SRK met the media yesterday for an Eid meet n greet, it was certainly more interesting than the meet n greet by a certain other Khan, who used his 10 minutes to just gush over Salman Khan and Sultan. While SRK did spoke about Salman, he also gave a lot more tidbits about his films and life as well. He confirmed that Anushka will be his heroine in the Imtiaz Ali’s film that will roll in August. He will also work with Aanand L Rai’s film in November. He also spoke about having a meeting with the Roshans’ over Kaabil clashing with Raees. He also denied hating Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil trailer, claiming he has not even watched it, forget not liking it.

Aamir Khan’s Dangal poster gets praised!

Aamir Khan released the first poster of Dangal that had him in a older getup with grey hairs (He plays real-life former wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat in the film), surrounded by four tomboyish girls who play his daughters in the films. The poster was praised for its simplicity, shorn of any gimmicks as well for promoting women empowerment. Aamir Khan was also praised for sticking to his age.

Hrithik Roshan to not postpone Kaabil

Earlier we had mentioned about how SRK said his Raees team is looking to have meetings with Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik to postpone Kaabil, which is clashing with Raees next January, to another date. SRK was looking a lot confident when he said this. However, Sanjay Gupta, director of Kaabil, had tweeted the next day saying the film has not got postponed. Well, SRK, how will you handle this now?

Great Grand Masti’s Censor copy gets leaked…and the film gets preponed

Whether you are excited about the release of the third part of Masti franchise or not is upto you, but what happened with the film is not really good. A couple of weeks before its release date, the film’s Censor Copy got leaked. Unlike what happened with Udta Punjab, where the Censor Copy was leaked just a couple of days before, here there are no chances of recovery as the gap is too huge. The makers have preponed the film to make it release on July 15. However the onslaught of Sultan, the lack of interest in sex comedies and obviously, the leak don’t show a very bright future for the film!

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The Intriguing Poster Of Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil Is Here!



Hrithik Roshan‘s Kaabil is definitely one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Its first poster is here and Hrithik’s eyes are the center of attention in it. Directed by Sanjay GuptaKaabil will see Hrithik romancing Yami Gautam. Interestingly, buzz is that Kaabil might be clashing with Shah Rukh Khan‘s Raees and Ajay Devgn‘s Baadshaho – on the 26th of January next year.


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