This Young Bollywood Couple Has Filed For Divorce

Shweta Rohira and Pulkit Samrat

Shweta Rohira and Pulkit Samrat

After their marriage took a bitter turn, Pulkit Samrat and his estranged wife Shweta Rohira decided to part ways. While they have been staying separately for a while now, they hadn’t filed for divorce. But if sources are to be believed, Salman Khan‘s rakhi sister Shweta has finally decided to end their relationship for good. It seems she was recently seen at the Bandra family court, filing for divorce.


Shweta Rohira, Pulkit Samrat and Yami Gautam

While the two had a dreamy wedding in Goa in 2014, things turned sour between them soon after that. Apparently, Pulkit’s closeness to his co-star Yami Gautam hadn’t gone down too well with Rohira.

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With Kaabil, Hrithik Roshan to reinvent romance which will make you crush on him even more

Hrithik Roshan & Yami Gautam in Kaabil

Hrithik Roshan & Yami Gautam in Kaabil

It’s difficult not to be in love with Hrithik Roshan. He is charming, ridiculously good looking, and has an effortless way of making you fall for him even without trying. Kaabil will see him paint the silver screens with this same romantic fervour and we are dying to watch that. In fact, we feel he is reinventing romance with Kaabil on the big screen. Of course, we can prove it!

Tantalizing trailer

You need a trailer that leaves an impact and Kaabil took Facebook by storm. It was the most viewed video on Facebook upon release. A record even before the film released – that’s how Hrithik rolls. Honestly, it was nothing we had expected. We weren’t prepared to get washed over by sweet romance and to tell you the truth, we were overwhelmed. Then, there was action and emotions too. But what we liked the most is the freshness of it all. It looked so beautiful. No wonder people lapped it up on social media platforms.

Old school romance in a new package

There was a strange likeability in the way romance was conducted in films previously. It was really really sweet and Kaabil gives you the same feeling. Regardless of the fact that Yami and Hrithik play a blind couple, there is the promise of the first meeting, first touch, first fight and all the firsts that one experiences in a relationship. Even when you can’t see your partner, you know his gaze on you makes you blush more. Ah…such a perfect romance. But it’s a Rakesh Roshan production who believes in imbibing modern sensibilities in his films. So there will be many present day love references but the essence will be maintained. Even in a tech heavy Krrish series, he managed to get romance play an important part.

Fresh chemistry

Okay, admit it Hrithik looks good with anyone. He has this aura around himself which makes everyone look good in front of him. But with Yami, it just goes way beyond anything that we have seen before. Perhaps the fact that they have come together for the first time has added oodles of charm to the film. Whatever scenes of the two we saw in the trailer and the song made us go aww. They look beautiful together!

Melody returns to music

In today’s times, it’s all about who’s rapping in a song. Melody has lost its identity but people like Rajesh Roshan will do anything to not let that happen. After listening to Kaabil Hoon, we were reminded of the melodies that touched our hearts instantly. It felt so good to hear such melody. There was a time in the 90s, composers only cared about making a melodious tune without gimmicks. Rajesh Roshan’s tunes will take you back to that memorable decade. We don’t how to thank you for that Mr Roshan! We were so missing that…

It goes without saying that Kaabil will be the best start to 2017 when it releases on January 25. Romance has become so cliched these days that Hrithik’s film is the ray of hope that it will be back being relevant like before.

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Kaabil Becomes The Most Viewed Bollywood Trailer On Facebook & YouTube



From the first look to the teaser and most recently the trailer, Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam starrer Kaabilis breaking the Internet. The trailer of the film has amassed over 18 million views since its release and has effortlessly become the most viewed Bollywood trailer on Facebook and YouTube. The team began with a teaser sans visuals, with only Hrithik’s intense baritone and followed it up with few intriguing posters. And to top it all, the Kaabil team went live on Facebook to entertain any requests or queries their fans had. They’re leaving no stone unturned to win the hearts of their audiences. If this is the kind of buzz the initial glimpses are creating, we cannot even begin to imagine the kind of magic that’ll be created once the movie hits the screens next year!

Congratulations to the team!

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Are Yami Gautam & Pulkit Samrat Breaking Up?

Yami Gautam and Pulkit Samrat are rumoured to be dating since a year now. There were reports that the two got together during the shoot of Sanam Re and Pulkit apparently broke up with his wife Shweta Rohira to be with Yami. But now it looks like Yami is reconsidering her decision to date a married man who seems to have major temper issues.

According to a report on, Yami is losing interest in Pulkit as his career is going nowhere while she has managed to make it to the big league by bagging a movie with Hrithik Roshan.

Another article on suggests that Yami and Pulkit’s wife had a heated argument when the latter could sense that her husband was getting close to the actress. Both the websites have alluded to the fact that Yami is uncomfortable because Pulkit hasn’t divorced his wife yet, and while her career is going great, his isn’t.

The two have never acknowledged their relationship in public, so a confirmation regarding their break-up seems unlikely. What do you think?


Here’s Why Pulkit Samrat Hasn’t Divorced Shweta Rohira Yet

Pulkit Samrat and his wife Shweta Rohira parted ways some months ago. According to reports, things didn’t work out between them and Pulkit started dating his Sanam Re co-star Yami Gautam.

When Pulkit was asked why he hasn’t filed for divorce yet, he told TOI,

“I had two back-to-back releases, so I didn’t have the time to get into legal matters. It’s unfortunate that Shweta and I couldn’t make our marriage work and had to take the decision of living our lives separately. We are sticking to that.”

They got married in November, 2014.

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Shocking: Urvashi Rautela Kicked Out Of The Premiere Of Her Own Film


It seems like a lot has been brewing during the promotional round of Sanam Re. It’s no secret that there’s a lot being said about Pulkit Samrat and Yami Gautam dating each other. Pulkit had gone on record to say that this was only done as promotions for the film and wasn’t real. However, Urvashi Rautela, who also stars in the film, gave an interview where she revealed that they are indeed a couple.

It looks like that has caused problems for the actress, and she has now been dropped from the promotional round of the film. Earlier, DNA reported that Urvashi was disinvited from the city tours, and that was mostly because of the tension between her and the lead pair. According to the report, Pulkit was fine with Urvashi in the beginning, but changed his attitude towards her once he began dating Yami because of the latter’s alleged insecurity.

While we can’t confirm their personal equation, a source has confirmed to us that Urvashi has indeed been dropped from the rest of the promotional round. She wasn’t present in Jaipur and Delhi, and was even dropped from the screening in Dubai. But now we hear  the actress has been asked to not attend the premiere of the film in Mumbai.

Later, at the same event, director Divya Khosla Kumar had to ask Pulkit to return on stage to sing the title track of Sanam Re.


We have reached out to TSeries for comment and will update you once we know more.

Update: According to TSeries, there is no Mumbai event. However, Urvashi’s spokesperson maintains that there was a premiere she was disinvited from, but the entire event may have ended up being cancelled later.

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This Is Why Kareena Kapoor Khan & Parineeti Chopra Rejected Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil


So finally, Yami Gautam has been cast in Sanjay Gupta‘s Kaabil opposite Hrithik Roshan. There were rumours of Kareena Kapoor Khan doing the movie but she turned it down. The movie then went in the hands of Parineeti Chopra who turned it down as well.

The real reason these two actresses rejected the movie is because the role didn’t have much substance. The lead actress dies in the first half of the movie. So, the actress might not have much screen time in the movie.

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Pulkit Samrat on Separation From Wife Shweta: No Third Person Involved



Actor Pulkit Samrat has quashed reports of him dating Yami Gautam and said that his marriage with his estranged wife Shweta Rohira failed because they were not made for each other.

Pulkit and Yami will be seen in Divya Khosla Kumar’s Sanam Re.

Pulkit, 32, got married to superstar Salman Khan’s rakhi sister Shweta in 2014, but the couple separated last year amid reports of the Fukrey actor’s alleged closeness to Yami.

“It is immature and very foolish to hold anyone responsible for the weakness that I would have in my relationship. I think we (Shweta and I) chose someone else’s soulmates. We mistook each other as soulmates,” Pulkit told PTI.

“If there is something that has worked for me or has not worked for me in my personal life, then it is because I was at fault somewhere and may be the other person was at fault. There can never be a third person affecting the two of us,” added Pulkit.

Pulkit and Yami have denied rumours of dating each other.

“Yami is a nice girl. It is foolish to hold someone else responsible for my relationship’s failure and make that thing overshadow the hard work that the person is doing. I think these things are trying to pull her down but that is giving her more strength. This is what I have seen so far,” he said.

Sanam Re will release on February 12.


What? Are Pulkit Samrat & Yami Gautam Planning To Get Married?


This tale already has so many twists to it, we don’t know which news is true and which is false, but according to an article in Mid-Day, Pulkit Samrat and Yami Gautam are planning to tie the knot! A blind item carried by the publication (which is very easy to decode) says that a source close to the industry has spilled the beans on the status on their relationship –

“They have not split. It is all a ruse to make people stop talking about their affair, although it has greatly helped their upcoming film (Sanam Re) garner publicity. They are, in fact, contemplating taking their relationship to the next level. The alleged couple has, so far, refrained from talking about their link-up rumours, which includes reports of them staying together. The actor, during a recent event, claimed to be single while his co-star deftly dodged questions about their relationship status. Now, they are not promoting their film together in a bid to let the dating buzz settle down. They are completely into each other and are keen to formalize their relationship. But they will have to wait until he is divorced.”

Wow, did you expect them to take their relationship to the next level so soon? Tell us the comments below!