These Bollywood Siblings Have Had A Major Fight!

Ameesha and Ashmit Patel

Ameesha and Ashmit Patel

According to a report on, it looks like not all’s well between Ameesha and Ashmit Patel. The two had fallen out before in 2004 when Ameesha alleged that her parents were embezzling her money and had gone to court regarding this. But after her relationship ended with Vikram Bhatt, Ameesha, her parents and Ashmit reconciled.

Now, as per the website’s sources, the siblings have had a huge fight and are no longer on talking terms. Their parents are neutral this time but Ameesha has cut all terms with Ashmit. If they meet at family functions, the two avoid each other. It looks like the bitterness will take a while to go away.

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