This Bollywood Actor Helped A Guy Turn His Small Food Shack Into A Restaurant

Prateik Babbar

Prateik Babbar

This Bollywood actor has a heart of gold. Prateik Babbar collaborated with a local food vendor at McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala two years ago, and gave that small joint a shape of a restaurant. Murugan was running a small shack in Dharamshala from the last six years, and wanted to collaborate with someone to turn it into a bigger venture. Prateik happened to drop in to have a meal.

I was chatting with Muru after having a meal at his shack; the food was yummy and was of very good quality. He told me that he was looking for investors to expand the food joint. I offered to do it. But I’ve only put in the money, few of my other friends have come together and helped me with interiors etc. and together we have set up our ashram, as we call it. It’s colourful and a hotspot in Dharamshala. It’s a cute bungalow with a terrace and we have authentic Italian and South Indian being served now.”

While talking to us he connected us to Murugan, who informed us that they have a special dessert called Say hello to the Queen. “It’s made of Parle G biscuits, butter, fruits and chocolates. Our pizzas are in demand.”

Prateik has been getting offers from Mumbai, Goa and Delhi to expand the restaurant but he hasn’t thought about it in detail now. “I am not rushing into anything. If we have to start, it will be step by step. It cannot be a rushed decision.”

Good going, Prateik!

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