This Bollywood Actress Refused A Fairness Campaign Despite Being Offered A Hefty Fee! #YouGoGirl


It seems like no matter where you turn these days, your eyes will end up falling on an advertisement for a fairness product. This is incredibly sad, especially considering that most of these products are endorsed by A-List Bollywood actors and actresses who we otherwise respect for so many things. And while it’s easy to understand the draw (fairness brands are amongst the most popular and pay celebrities hefty amounts), it is completely not okay to perpetuate the notion that “fairer is better.” Unfortunately, there are only a handful of folks in Bollywood who take a conscious call to say no to such brands. Kangana Ranaut is one of them, and she admits that several agencies refused to work with her because she maintained that she’d never do an ad for a fairness product.

Now, thankfully, there are more Bollywood celebrities who are following her footsteps. We hear that Esha Gupta was recently offered a whopping amount by a fairness brand to endorse their product, but she turned them down. Here’s what she said:

“I won’t endorse a fairness product because of the bias it promotes. According to these brands, fairness is proportionately related to confidence, marriage proposals, beauty, etc. My complexion has nothing to do with who I am. Trying to hint that not being fair is making you unsuccessful is wrong. I am beautiful the way I am, and so is everyone else. “

Absolutely love it – and we hope everyone else in Bollywood sits up and takes note. This is how it’s done. Much love and power to you, Esha!

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