Veteran actor Saeed Jaffrey dies at 86; niece Shaheen Aggarwal pays a tribute on Facebook!


The ‘Gandhi’ actor passed away yesterday…

Phenomenal Indian-British actor Saeed Jaffrey is no more! The actor’s niece Shaheen Aggarwal took to the social networking site to pay an ode to this gem of a person! She wrote, ” Today, a generation of Jaffreys has passed away. Saeed Jaffrey has joined his brothers and sister and is rejoicing in the lap of his Heavenly Father, eternally. The entire Jaffrey Family bids you, “adieu”, you beautiful, beautiful man. See you in heaven!”

Although the actual cause of Jaffrey’s death is yet to be known but the loving niece wants everyone to cherish all his good times, good deeds. She even shared excerpts from one of his brilliant interviews, letting the world know the kind of a person Jaffery was! Especially this bit which said, “Saeed Jaffrey has two careers: he’s well-known in Britain, and he’s huge in India. Jaffrey is moist, engaging, round: he leaks expressiveness from every pore. He has quite a repertoire of hand gestures. There’s the stately sweep of the palm, the defiant index finger that precludes any objection, and the equivocal fluttering of fingers as if he’s practising scales. Watching Little Napoleons you see that he almost doubles the size of his role by giving his fingers a lot to say. He’s a small man with a large physical presence: he has immaculate silver hair, a glint of cunning in his eyes, and a cartoon-like nose. Whether in Tandoori Nights, The Jewel in the Crown, The Far Pavilions or Staying On, Jaffrey has a Dickensian skill for investing self- importance, greed or slyness with a fullness of feeling that makes them sweetly human.”

Saeed Jaffrey was best known for his roles in films like Dil, Kishan Kanhaiya, Ghar Ho Toh Aisa, Raja Ki Aayegi Baarat, Deewana Mastana, Mohabbat, Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai, Aunty No 1 and Albela among other Hindi movies.

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