Vishal Dadlani Feels A Lot Of Attention Is Being Given To Tanmay Bhat’s Snapchat!


Vishal Dadlani, one of the most forthright people in Bollywood has a pretty logical reaction to this Tanmay Bhat Snapchat drama. The singer and composer called out the double standards when it came to the country’s reaction when another comedian had to face the heat for making a joke. Here’s what he said in a statement to IANS:

“Sachin and Lataji are virtually deities in their spheres. A tasteless joke is not going to affect their aura. Principles are only worth anything when we stand by them even when they’re inconvenient. When Kiku Sharda was jailed for a joke, we stood against the absurdity of it all. Suddenly, we are no better than those who were baying for Kiku’s blood.”

He also made a dig at the overreaction by saying that maybe the Censor Board makes sense –

“We have seen bizarre decisions coming from the censor board, using the excuse that our audience isn’t mature enough. Considering this reaction to an irrelevant Snapchat post, perhaps they were right.”

Well said!

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