“Who Is That?” – Salman Khan Responds To Arijit Singh’s Apology


Everyone was in for a shock when Arijit Singh dished out a public apology to Salman Khan on Facebook and also requested the superstar to retain his version of Jag Ghumeya in Sultan. But the actor remained tight-lipped about the entire issue. And sadly, Arijit’s version of the song isn’t a part of the album.

When Mr. Sultan was asked about Arijit’s apology, he responded saying, “Who is that?”

When probed further, Salman said:

In every film, there are lot of singers who sing. It’s the director and producer who make the choice of who is going to be the best voice for the film. One voice was mine but that was also rejected. So why get so upset and hurt? This is life. Then smart comments…post… you come to know the intentions.


Source: http://www.missmalini.com/2016/06/20/salman-khan-responds-arijit-singhs-apology/

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