Why is Sunny Leone pissed off with the media?


Why has entertainment journalism gone to the dogs? Now I don’t claim to be an entertainment journalist by any stretch of imagination, but it seems like many websites have completely lost their marbles. Sunny Leone recently tweeted: ‘Nothing more frustrating then certain press and media people who have selective hearing and write what they feel like instead of the truth (sic).’ And followed it up with: ‘Some people have the innate ability to f-up your day even if you don’t speak to them! Un-f-ing-believable!! Some people are such leaches!!’

Sunny said: ‘I was really really nervous when I was told that this song would be there in the film. I still haven’t seen any review on what people think about the song so that is a little scary because hearing nothing is also not good. But I was definitely scared. I really hate that it was being compared to the two of the biggest stars.’

She added: ‘When you are a newcomer in Bollywood you look at these people and think they are so talented. And then someone wants to re-create it and even if the song is great, you will be compared and at some point, you will not measure up because they were so amazing.’ She said she was worried about the comparison: ‘I watched the original before performing our version and that made me more scary. I hope when people see it, they say ‘Sunny did a decent job.’ I will be happy with that,’ she said.

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