Will Hrithik Roshan’s Rs 50 crore fee cost Mohenjo Daro dearly?


 The actor has apparently pocketed a huge sum for the film which relies heavily on special effects!

In recent times, we have heard a lot about actors taking a paycut in the interest of the industry and producers. Everybody is aware that Bollywood runs on superstars not content and so it becomes obvious for the producers to shell out a lot of money to add a dash of superstardom to their projects. So whenever these actors decide to take a pay cut, they are hailed and rightfully so. But every now and then we also hear stories about how actors don’t really make any concessions as far as their remunerations is concerned. A classic example of the same is Mohenjo Daro. Rumour has it that Hrithik Roshan‘s fee for the film is 50 crore while the budget of the film is 100 crore!

Yes, according to rumours, Hrithik has taken 50 crore for the film. Mohenjo Daro is made at a budget of 100 crore and so with 50 crore to the actor, only 50 more is left for the film which includes CGI work. The film is set in the pre-historic era when humans were beginning to have a civillised society. So to recreate that era, special and visual effects will play key roles. It will need elaborate sets and with a combat scene between Hrithik and 20 ft long crocodile, it has to be nothing less than grand. But with only 50 crore at hand, we wonder how much justice Ashutosh Gowarikar would be able to do to the film.

Well, we hope all turns out well and the CGI don’t disappoint us yet again like every other visual effects laden Hindi film ever made in the history of Indian Cinema.

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